Meet Grace

Meet Grace. Grace lives in Uganda with her daughter, Esther, and attends Busega Community School for the Deaf. Because she was born deaf and unable to talk, Grace was often left alone at home and mistreated by many in her community. Pastor Raphael, (un)adopted’s partner in Uganda, heard Grace’s story and invited her to enroll in the school. She is now learning to communicate through sign language, receiving an education, and thriving in the love and acceptance found at Busega Community School for the Deaf. God continues to use Grace’s story to make an impact in her community. Because her daughter, Esther, was born blind, (un)adopted recently opened a school for the blind, providing a place for children like Esther to learn and grow. For the first time, Grace and Esther are learning to communicate with one another through tactile sign. They, along with Grace’s mom, are now active members of the local church where they are discovering the grace and love offered through Christ.