The Apecena Family

Even now, the genuine care and support of the Lifeline staff has been a lifeline to us.

The Rainer Family

I will not forget the day our children were told about us. Their social worker explained that our son looked at his sister and said, “I told you one day we would have a family. God has answered our prayers.”

The Grant Family

We have discovered that adoption, like childbirth, is a miracle, and the process of bringing your children home is simply the beginning of the journey.

The Reed Family

Your emotions will be all over the map. You will not feel exactly the way you thought you would in response to circumstances and behaviors. But feelings mean very little in light of the knowledge and assurance of your calling. The same…

The Buchanan Family

It was a feeling beyond words to be home as a family of five! The journey was emotional, trying, and difficult, but so worth it to have Samuel as our son.

The Mayes Family

Ali. Not a day has passed since she joined our family in which we have not thanked God for the blessing that this girl is in our lives. That said, the process was one of the hardest things that we have ever…

The Powell Family

Adoption is hard but, O Sweet Friends, adoption is beautiful because Christ is HOPE! When we first stepped foot onto this journey the Lord is writing, He didn’t promise us that there would be two curly headed Congolese baby girls sleeping across…

The Reithel Family

Throughout both adoptions Lifeline was there every step of the way—from the very beginning, when we didn’t have any idea why we were at an informational meeting, to today when, for the life of us, we can’t get our two-year-old to sleep…

The Nichols Family

We are thankful to know that we have a team in Birmingham who wants this child welcomed into our family just as much as we do (which is, of course, a whole lot). We know that they are praying for and fighting…

The Phillips Family

I cannot recommend Lifeline enough! From our first inquiry email, Lifeline was committed to us and to our sweet child-to-be, holding our hands every step of the way. When an unprecedented complication left our family in a desperate situation, Lifeline walked with…

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