To value the Sanctity of Human Life is an act of worship, not of people themselves, but of our Creator who fashioned each of us in His Image.

When we extend the love of Jesus to all kinds of people, we are able to reflect God’s heart and give voice to the Good News of redemption found in Jesus.

Lifeline is excited to provide a few free resources to help your commemoration of Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. Register below to receive a prayer guide, small group lesson, and other resources to help you. You'll also get a sample chapter of the new book, Image Bearers: Shifting from Pro-Birth to Pro-Life.

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Image Bearers

A Pro-Life Book from Lifeline

Being pro-life means that not only do we see abortion as murder, but we also see our apathy against injustice toward life outside of the womb as a co-conspirator in the fight for life. It means we fight for racial equality. It means we love the woman walking into the abortion clinic passionately with the love of Christ, and it means we embrace life no matter what syndrome may be attached to a person’s identity.

There are many books written about being pro-life and combatting abortion, but my hope is this small volume will bring awareness that the pro-life ethic is so much bigger than just being pro-birth.

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Naomi's Story

How an international student chose life

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The God Who Seeks the Outcast
by Herbie Newell, President & Executive Director of Lifeline

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