Lifeline Counseling seeks to help families thrive and to serve families holistically; knowing that one part of the family impacts all of the others. Our therapists understand that adoption and foster care can be challenging and we want to help.

Lifeline Counseling provides individual (child, teen & adult), marriage, and family therapy to those pre-and post-adoption or foster placement. Our therapists are attachment and trauma informed and each has received training in a variety of therapeutic modalities.  This allows treatment to be tailored to meet each family’s needs and presenting problems.  At Lifeline, our therapists are grounded in the truth of the Gospel, willing to meet clients where they are and work to continually point clients towards Christ.

We currently offer typical counseling weekly or bi-weekly in Birmingham & Huntsville, Alabama; Athens, Georgia; and Cary, North Carolina as well as intensive services to those in and outside of those areas.

Meet our Therapists

Angela Mains
MA, LPC, Registered Therapist
Program Director, Counseling Services

Whitney White
International Education Counselor

Kim Evans
Family Therapist

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