Equipping others on moving a child from one stage of development to the next through intentional involvement play and therapy.

Developmental based education for child many times is an unknown topic across various cultures that can encompass numerous meanings. Knowledge of how people grow, change and develop into functioning adults is often times misunderstood or misapplied. This lack of understanding typically stems from an absent knowledge of what child-based development actually is and also how to move a child from one milestone of development to the next. This developmental education training is an attempt to build a complete framework for what development is and also lay a solid foundation for how children can progress through various research based activities. Each section builds upon the prior sections showing how a child can reach milestones in their own developmental journey. This training is not an attempt to come and fix a problem or to just give answers, but to cast vision and truly provide the learners with the ability to care for the children that are already in their care. The aim is that that by the end of this training the learner will be to possess a framework for a child’s development, understand the milestones for change, and ultimately know how to progress their children’s development forward.

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