Every day over 38,000 orphans will age out of an orphanage without the necessary life skills needed to survive.

Once they age out what happens?

This current reality we are facing around the globe reveals that many are falling short in preparing these orphaned and vulnerable children to face a complex world. In response to experiencing this need first hand, a Life Skills Education Training (LSET) was created by (un)adopted® to equip others who are directly impacting the lives of orphans and vulnerable children. This Life Skills Education Training (LSET) seeks to care holistically for the fatherless in numerous locations, addressing the needs children have from birth until they are older and able to sustain themselves. There are three major areas of training within LSET.


Caregiver Education

Preparing caregivers to help children understand their past, build relationships centered on trust, and grow to their full potential.

Developmental Education

Equipping others on moving a child from one stage of development to the next through intentional involvement play and therapy.

Life Education

Training aging out orphans to develop a sense of identity, form relationships with others, and function in the wider community.

Three Areas of Training

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