Life-Giving Choices

In May 2021, a mentor and advocate from a local church contacted Brittany*, one of our Birmingham pregnancy counselors. She explained that a woman she knew, named Jessica*, was about 20 weeks pregnant with twins and was on her way to Atlanta to get an abortion. Brittany quickly responded with two reactions: prayer and advocacy. She reached out to Lifeline staff to request prayer that this expectant mom would turn the car around, come back home, and make a life-giving choice for her children. She also connected with Jessica and had the chance to share about all of the choices Jessica had for her unborn babies. By a miracle of God, the twins began moving. Jessica realized that she couldn’t go through with an abortion while her two babies were so active in the womb. Jessica turned the car around, came back to Birmingham, and agreed to meet with Brittany.

When the two ladies met, Jessica explained she was already parenting four children as a single mom. She didn’t know how she could care for two more children and was unsure if she could choose adoption either. Jessica was clear that abortion was very much still an option. Brittany empathetically encouraged Jessica and helped her fully understand the choices of adoption and parenting. Brittany cared for and met with Jessica consistently over time, providing the support and care she needed.

By the grace of God, Jessica’s twins were born healthy and safe at the end of July! At this time, Jessica is still deciding between parenting and adoption for her sweet twins, and we are overjoyed that she chose a life-giving option! Without the patient care of Brittany and the act of God through this ministry, Jessica and her twins’ stories may have gone differently. But today, we can praise God knowing that these twins have life because of this ministry!

*Names changed for confidentiality