Language of Adoption and Foster Care

Birth Mothers:
Is she going to give her baby up? or

Is she going to put up her child for adoption?

Place her child for adoption or

Make an adoption plan for her child

Did she decide to keep her baby? Did she choose to parent?
Why did the birth mother not want the baby? Just don’t make assumptions
Foster Care:
Foster child or

Foster kid

A child in care or

A child in foster care or

A child who is placed with you

I could never do what you do or

I could never give the child back! or

I could never love a child and let him go

Thank you for what you do
Aren’t you worried about your own kids? or

What might happen to your biological children?

What a great learning opportunity for your biological children
Is he yours? or

Is he your own? or

Is this your real child? or

Which one is yours?

Is he your biological child?
Real parents or

Are you his real parents?

Biological parents or

Birth parents or

Are you the child’s biological parents?

Are they siblings? Are your children biological siblings?
Do you have (or want to have) children of your own? or

Do you (or don’t you) want your own children?

Do you have biological children as well?


Where did you get your baby? I’d love to hear the story of your adoption/foster care journey
What is he? Where was he born?
Was it expensive? or

How much did he cost?

I’d love to hear how families typically fund their adoptions and what type of financial commitment could be expected.
He is so lucky I’m so thankful God ordained this adoption
I’m going to take you home with me Just don’t say it
Normal family or

Natural family

Families with only biological children
The child IS adopted The child WAS adopted

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