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Lifeline Children’s Services hosted twelve children from Kunming City, China as part of our first ever hosting program! The hosting program, “Southern Hospitality 2014,” was held in Hattiesburg, MS on October 12-26, 2014.

We have recently completed our first ever hosting program with the children of Kunming, China. We accomplished our goals of showering these precious children with love and attention, introducing them to the hospitality of the South and providing them with some amazing life experiences! Through this program we were able to spend time not only with the children of Kunming, but also with the staff from the orphanage that accompanied them. These children and adults will always have a very special piece in our hearts!

We are now matching these precious children. All of the children were able to be assessed by a pediatrician and special education teacher. If indicated by the children’s medical information, they were also seen by necessary specialists. This information is available to interested families. If you are interested in any of these precious children, please follow the link below or contact Annie Hamlin at

Get to know the children of Kunming City!

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