Job Listing

Louisiana Casework Supervisor

Location: Alexandria, LA or Baton Rouge, LA area preferred

Status: Part-time

Position Summary: Establishes initial contact with prospective adoptive families and facilitates the process for our International programs. Provides supervision and on-going support, consultation, direction, instruction and advice for the social work and case management staff assigned. 



  • To be a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ to co-workers, clients and ministry partners 
  • Helps recruit, enroll, maintain, and work with prospective adoptive parents in processing an international adoption
  • Conduct home studies for prospective adoptive parents.
  • Assures all paperwork and documentation complies with international country’s standards
  • Ensures that all information needed to complete the adoption record is completed and on file prior to the date of submission of dossier
  • Schedules/completes post-adoption/placement visits after placement of child
  • Working with families through process until they travel to the international country, including fielding questions, following up with phone call, and completing all applicable paperwork and communication necessary to prepare family to travel overseas.
  • Counseling clients/families on the nature of international adoption.
  • Assisting the international director, supervisor, manager, and coordinators with various tasks assigned in process of international adoption.
  • Helping International staff with international informational meetings.
  • Completing home assessments for contract couples as assigned and needed.


  • Makes regular reports to the VP of Operations on all aspects of the state programs and operations. 
  • Organizes and directs the work of the state office and delegates responsibilities to staff members as appropriate. 
  • Responsible for assisting in the preparation of the annual state budget and controls expenditures according to budgetary allowances. 
  • Develops and cultivates partnerships with local churches 
  • Builds upon existing and historical relationships while highlighting Lifeline Children’s Services in comparison to local attorneys and other adoption agencies. 
  • Develops a program of public relations, including interpretation to the community. 
  • Assists in marketing initiatives in and around Louisiana to promote the Lifeline ministry, both from a development and awareness side. 
  • Encourages financial support of the ministry through all avenues. 
  • Solicits both positive and negative feedback from affiliates to improve upon Lifeline’s programs and ministry. 
  • Makes annual reports to the State Licensing Department, as required. 
  • Pursues relationships with electronic and print media, and encourages favorable coverage of adoption issues and ministry profiles. 
  • Notifies the State Licensing Department in the event of an incident which is considered to jeopardize the life of a child, staff member, or other person. 
  • Provides individual and group supervision for state social work and case management staff and Meets regularly with staff to review cases, identify risks, and develop case/service plans 
  • Provides support, consultation, direction and instruction for state social work and case management staff 
  • Ensures new hire and on-going training requirements are met for all state social work and case management staff in order to meet agency, state, federal and Hague standards 
  • Stays abreast of all state regulations and monitors services to ensure compliance  
  • Guides staff on assessing and evaluating families to ensure families are well equipped to care for children 
  • Provides case management supervision and guidance to pregnancy counseling staff who are serving women in unexpected pregnancies 
  • Reviews the completed adoptive family and birth parent file to evaluate that all required documents have been submitted and are in compliance with regard to date, content, and verification of reported information. 
  • Makes recommendations based on the review of the completed record for follow-up 
  • Gives the final approval of the home study based on the review of the entire record 
  • Consults with the appropriate Leadership Team member on situations that merit further investigation or approval for action 
  • Provides contracted supervision for all BSW’s requiring such supervision by the Board of Social Work, if applicable 
  • Contributes to the evaluation of state social work and case management staff during annual evaluations  
  • Reviews in-state applications for adoption upon submission to the agency 
  • Reviews and approves home studies conducted by unaccredited agencies which require a Certificate of Approval 
  • Carry caseload of domestic and/or international clients, as needed 
  • Supervises any social services related to your state 

Secondary Responsibilities: 

  • Maintains good working relationships and resolves all disputes in a Biblically prescribed fashion.
  • Represents the ministry in a professional manner in and away from the office.
  • Assisting in agency-related events, including the annual staff retreat, the annual dinner, anniversary celebrations, both international and domestic.
  • Maintains applicable professional license and its, if any, state-required annual training hours
  • Other duties, as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker plus 2 years experience in a child-placement agency OR Licensed Masters Social Worker plus 3 years experience in a child-placement agency

Work Environment:

  • This position currently operates in a remote office environment (within the state of Louisiana)
  • Occasional travel around the state may be required.
  • Occasional travel to Birmingham, AL may be required.

State Specific Requirements:

  • Applicable professional license from applicable state licensing Board as outlined above
  • Complete annual training/CEU’s as determined by State regulations and Hague requirements, whichever is greater.


Updated 6/7/2021