Job Listing

South Dakota Caseworker

Location: Rapid City, SD

Status: Full-time

Position Summary: 

Counsels clients concerning the options they have regarding an unplanned pregnancy, including factual information about each option, helping to develop an adoption plan if desired, preparing for the adoption process, and connecting with resources if no longer desiring to choose adoption. Also, establishes initial contact with prospective adoptive families for the Domestic and International programs. Works with prospective adoptive families in processing a domestic or international adoption.

Responsible for:

Pregnancy Counseling

  • To be a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ to co-workers, clients and ministry partners
  • Initial contact and interview with client.
  • Obtains information regarding the client to counsel on the options available in an adoption plan.
  • Assists the expectant parent in arranging for prenatal care and hospital admission for delivery, and connecting her to insurance resources.
  • Maintains regular contact with client to provide counseling during and after delivery; including facilitating a good working relationship with the client.
  • Serves as the expectant parents support system in the hospital, if desired.
  • Maintains availability with client as necessary.
  • Provides the client the means for spiritual growth, including sharing the Gospel, discipleship, and continued spiritual encouragement in a non-threatening way.
  • Serves as an advocate for the client’s best interest.
  • Explains to the client the legal process of terminating parental rights and respecting her right to withdraw her relinquishments if within the legal period allowed.
  • Creates legal and other necessary paperwork for discharge and relinquishment of baby.
  • Provides regular individual counseling to include adoption curriculum, basic life skills, and applicable post-adoption counseling.
  • Maintains availability for post-adoption counseling of the birth parents.
  • Maintains detailed records of contacts, including case notes, assessments, court documents, legal papers, medical & family histories.
  • Serves as a liaison with interim care parents and the casework supervisor pertaining to the progress of each child under the worker’s care, including the child’s progress, medical information, doctor’s visits, and other relevant information.
  • Serves as an advocate, working in the best interest of the client and of the child.


  • Helps recruit, enroll, maintain, and work with prospective adoptive parents in processing an adoption
  • Assisting in the recruitment of prospective adoptive families.
  • Conduct home studies
  • Assures all paperwork and documentation complies with applicable state or country’s standards
  • Working with families through process until they travel, including fielding questions, following up with phone call, and completing all applicable paperwork and communication necessary to prepare family to travel.
  • Counseling clients/families on the nature of adoption.
  • Assisting the supervisor, manager, and coordinators with various tasks assigned in process of adoption.
  • Helping program staff with informational meetings.
  • Attending gatherings/events hosted by Lifeline
  • Completing home assessments for contract couples as assigned and needed.
  • Visit families to provide adoption post adoption reports

Secondary Responsibilities: 

  • Open/close the office for business at the beginning and end of each work day
  • Respond to email questions, web contacts, and other general questions
  • Help in the maintenance of inventory of office supplies/orders supplies as needed
  • Assist with running clearances and reference checks, as needed
  • Track and follow up with information meeting inquiries
  • Assist in volunteer recruitment and coordination
  • Assist with monthly newsletter
  • Assist with other projects as assigned
  • Assisting in agency-related events
  • Assist with the planning and execution of the Caffeine Cruise and other fundraising activities as requested.
  • Maintaining good relationships with co-workers, including solving all disputes in a Biblically prescribed fashion
  • Representing the Agency in a professional manner in and away from the office.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Associate’s degree or Bachelor’s degree (preferred) in Social Work or other human services field

Work Environment:

  • Local office-based
  • Travel may include doctor’s offices, hospitals, group homes, and residences.

State Specific Requirements:

  • Associate’s degree or Bachelor’s degree (preferred) in Social Work or other human services field
  • Complete annual training/CEU’s as determined by State regulations and Hague requirements, whichever is greater.



Posted 4/20/2021