Job Listing

Adoption Law/Legal/Paralegal

As an Intern with our Senior Legal Counsel you will have the opportunity to plan and assist in conflict resolution in the areas of Employment Law, Insurance Law, Tort Law, Non-Profit Law, International Adoption Law, and Domestic Adoption Law. In addition, you will analyze both risk management and long term planning in relation to the conflict resolution process involving differing parties (families, countries, other agencies etc.). *Lifeline Children’s Services is not a law firm and is not comparable to an internship at a law firm.

*** internship availability differs based on location contact [email protected] to inquire about interning in one of the following locations:

-Birmingham, Huntsville, and Mobile, AL

-Tyrone, GA

-Topeka, KS

-Louisville, KY

-Charlotte, NC

-Charleston, SC (housing option available)

-Chattanooga, TN