It Takes a Village | Summer Kids Camp 2016


As I head home after a mere 36 hours at Kids Camp, I can’t help but stand in awe of the body of Christ at work… the body of Christ radiantly displayed in the life of 8 precious little girls from China.

Part of my to-do list at camp today included enlisting the help of volunteers to do a good deep clean of the home that the girls and our staff are staying in. Less than 5 minutes after meeting said volunteers, we were busy at work scrubbing toilets and taking out the trash.  Other tasks included unending loads of laundry and a good ole sweeping and mopping of the floors. Part way through the morning I thought about how “weird” it was that these strangers and I were cleaning a home of… well… strangers.  And then the Lord faithfully reminded me – these are your brothers. And these are your sisters. Indeed, God has beautifully and powerfully woven us into His eternal family.

Would you believe me if I said our Kids Camp “village” includes over 400 people? It’s true!  And these are just the names and faces we know… there are truly hundreds more that we may never know about.

Maybe you baked a pie for a meal that someone else delivered to camp. Maybe you ran copies of a coloring page that was used during craft time. Maybe you cleaned a bathroom while everyone else was outside playing.  Whether you served for 10 minutes or 10 days, YOU are a special and important part of this village.

You see, it does takes a village… it takes the CHURCH! Our call to care for the orphan, the widow, the sojourner is a call to stand united as brothers and sisters for the sake of the HOPE that can only be found in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

And as these 8 precious little girls board a plane in just a couple of days, I pray the Lord will sweep over them with His steadfast love. That they would see this hope reflected in each and every volunteer they interact with, and know they are loved. And they belong.

Written by: Sarah Temple, Engagement Administrative Assistant