Gospel HOPE & A FUTURE through International Adoption

The need is great. The time is now.

Why International adoption

More vulnerable children.

Fewer families.

Fewer organizations to bring the gospel.

A global crisis is spreading at an alarming rate. It pays no attention to location or nationality. And it cannot be solved by humanitarian aid alone.

We know God uses adoption as a way to provide vulnerable children with loving families, but it is not the only solution to the orphan crisis. However, it’s the best solution for more children today than ever before.

We’re excited to walk with you as you discern how the Lord leads you to care for these vulnerable children.


of Waiting Children

18 sec.

Another Child Becomes Orphaned

How to Get Started

International adoption can take 24 months or longer. Begin the process today!

Prayer Guide

We encourage families to set aside intentional time to pray through how God is leading your family.

Attend Webinar

Join us for an info meeting or webinar to gather information on the process and structures in place to support your family.

Contact Us

Once you feel affirmed in moving forward, connect with a specialist to get all of your questions answered.

Start Your Application

This non-committal, 5-minute application helps us get to know you, your interests, and your desires as you search for the right agency.

Next Steps
Next Steps
Grow Your Family

If you sense God’s leading to grow your family through international adoption, we encourage you to begin the application process today or schedule a call with one of our adoption specialists.

Gift for a Family

As you discern God’s will for your family, consider making a contribution to the Hope Adoption Fund, a financial scholarship for families in the adoption process.

Global Orphan Care

We know adoption is not the only platform God uses to care for the vulnerable. That’s why we walk with local international churches as they minister to vulnerable children in their communities.

Why Lifeline?

We’re committed to discipling, encouraging, and supporting families through a gospel-centered adoption process. We educate, equip, and pray for you at every step.

Starting now, Lifeline will walk with you from beginning steps to post-adoption support. One of our most critical areas of ministry is post-adoption support through resources like Parent Coaching, Counseling, and Bridge Educational Services.

If you’re interested in moving forward in international adoption, we invite you to complete a pre-application.

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Welcomed 179 families into the adoption process in 2020

Though the circumstances of the year impacted international travel, families still felt God calling them to grow their family by adoption. We continued to equip and empower them to move forward on this path.

Helped Parents Adopt 102 Children in 2020

Even in the middle of a pandemic, God made mountains move for more than 100 children who were able to come home to their forever families.

40+ partnerships in 18 Countries

We work with amazing in-country partners who understand their culture and understand the best ways to see children be placed in forever families. These partnerships are long-term and make all the difference in the international adoption process.

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“Working with Lifeline gave us hope when we were at the end of our rope. We didn’t know what we didn’t know and we didn’t understand that our daughter needed a different parenting approach. It’s not easy and it’s a process. We’re working hard and we’re glad God put us together and blessed us with Lifeline.”

— Lifeline Family

How to Fund Your Adoption

One of the biggest hesitations families express as they consider adoption is the financial cost. Lifeline is here to support you as you take the next step in faith. About 80% of the families we serve receive financial assistance through scholarships, grants, and loans. Download our free How to Fund Your Adoption eBook for helpful tips as you begin your adoption process.

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Answers to International Adoption Questions

Answers to Your Questions About International Adoption

We understand you have questions about who we are and what we can do. Please browse through the questions we have below to find answers to the questions we get asked most frequently.

Some families start of their process with precise clarity on which country the Lord is leading them to. For others, the call to adopt is rooted in their understanding of the global need.

We encourage families to review the Quick Looks to see which programs they might be eligible for. Important factors to pay attention to include marriage length, age of parents, number of children in home, time of in-country travel and also the cost of the process. Another important factor would be the age and need level you feel like the Lord is calling you to.

Some of our programs are better suited for families pursuing sibling groups or older children, while others might be a good fit if the Lord is leading you to adopt a younger child.

There are so many factors to consider when determining which agency is best equipped to serve your family. Here are a few important points to evaluate:

  • Pick an agency that is Hague accredited.
  • This credential means that you are working with an agency that has been inspected, reviewed, approved and is monitored by agencies and groups that require legitimacy and ethical procedures.
  • Pick an agency that has a successful track record of completing adoptions.
  • The international adoption process is extremely complex and you do not want to be an agency’s “guinea pig” If an agency does not have a long, successful history of completing adoptions, and if they cannot offer you recent families for recommendation, consider crossing them off of your list.
  • Pick an agency that offers 24/7 support while you are in country.
  • What is the agency’s contingency plan for prospective adoptive parent support if a “worst case scenario” happens? By support we are talking about emotional, medical, mediation with the US Embassy, DOS, etc.
  • Pick an agency that lists all known fees and cost (not just the agency fees).
  • Does the agency know the average cost of adoption within the specific country you are pursuing? What are the court costs, facilitation cost, documentation costs, translation costs, etc.? Are the fees for USCIS, etc. included? Are the specific fees charged by the agency reasonable in regards to the specific country’s average?

We anticipate children coming home internationally will have some level of special need, even if it is only a developmental delay they sustained due to a lack of proper nutrition or loving care. The needs range from minor/correctible to more moderate and severe. Severity of needs depends on the country program and age of child that you are pursuing.

Following their adoption, one Lifeline family created a blog called No Hands But Ours. This is a wonderful resource that gives a realistic peek into the everyday lives of families who have children with medical needs. Additionally, we recommend families consult with International Adoption Clinics, pediatricians and other specialists when considering specific special needs.

We know making the decision to move forward can be the hardest step. We’d love to share the story of a Lifeline family as they stepped out in faith to pursue adoption of their daughter. We pray you find their story an encouragement as you consider where the Lord is leading your family.

Lifeline believes finances should not stand in the way of the call to adopt a child. But we understand that fees associated with adoption can feel overwhelming. One of the ways we work to support our families throughout the process is connecting you with organizations who provide grants, loans, and scholarships.

There are so many resources available- especially for families who are adopting an older child, a child with special needs, and sibling groups. I encourage you to explore the Fund Your Adoption page for more information. Many of these organizations require families to complete a home study before applying. This leads many families to focus on fundraising first.

For ideas on how to fundraise and other helpful information on the financial side of adoption, check out our recent webinar.


Roadmap to International Adoption Webinar

As your family considers international adoption, you probably have a lot of questions. Join us for this free, no commitment webinar as we guide you through what the process will look like. We’ll discuss the beginning steps of the application process, home study, travel, finances, and more details about the individual country programs.