Want to be a part of our Image Bearers launch team??

We are looking for a team of 50 people to help us as we get the word out about our new book, Image Bearers: Shifting from Pro-Birth to Pro-Life! In exchange, you get a free copy of Image Bearers mailed directly to your home as well as a free e-book sent immediately to your inbox! Also, the first 10 people to sign up will also get a free Image Bearers journal.

What will the launch team do?

Our launch team will be our hype team, promoting and building excitement around the book! Being a part of our team includes posting on your social media accounts, sharing links with your friends, and letting us and others know your feedback about the book. We’ll provide you with ready-to-go content and other ideas of what to share through weekly emails and text messages.

We need your help to spread the word and get other people excited about Image Bearers! To become a member of the launch team, just fill out the form below.

All spots on the launch team have now been filled. You can still help spread the word about Image Bearers by purchasing the book here and leaving a review on Amazon. We’d also love to hear what you think on social media. Be sure to tag us by using @lifelinechild and #imagebearers.