How to Pray for Birth Mothers

At Lifeline, we believe in the value and dignity of all women, and we know that birth mothers are incredibly brave and driven by love. Our pregnancy counselors and domestic adoption team encounter amazing women every day, who seek to care for their children in sacrificial and loving ways.

Christie Mac Segars, Lifeline’s Vice President of Domestic Services, shares about the unique opportunity that exists for adoptive parents to pray specifically for birth mothers and in very personal ways:

We continue to be amazed at the opportunities the Lord gives us to share His love, grace, and forgiveness with hurting women. We are so thankful for our adoptive parents who partner with us in this ministry and wanted to share some of the joys we get to experience daily and ask you all to continue to pray for our pregnancy counseling ministry and for the birth mothers of your children.

  • Please pray for the many women who are initially reaching out in their fear and are, therefore, scared to meet with us face to face.
  • Pray they will follow through with face-to-face meetings.
  • Pray for the women who have made an adoption plan. Pray they will be connected to a local church body who can wrap around them.
  • Pray for your child’s birth mother’s salvation (if she is an unbeliever) and an opportunity for you or someone to share the gospel with her in word and deed.

The story below is an example of the precious women our domestic team encounters every day. As you read, allow it to remind you of birth mothers and to pray for them daily.


When Selena checked in to the hospital to deliver her baby, she reached out to Lifeline. Her Pregnancy Counselor immediately came and was there for Selena every step of the way:

“When I spent the weekend with her at the hospital, there were numerous opportunities that the Lord allowed me to speak truth over the lies she was believing about herself and share with her that He is the one that can take away all of the shame she was putting on herself. It was amazing to see the Lord in the details and be able to point out God’s faithfulness to her throughout the entire process of choosing and meeting the family that she wanted for her child. A few weeks after placing her child with a family, Selena was an entirely different person than the one I had met in the hospital. She was still grieving but it was very evident that she was now walking in joy and peace, and she seemed as if she was beginning to see how God was working in her story. I’m hopeful for future opportunities to share the hope of the gospel with her and pray that it begins to take root in her heart.”

–Lifeline Pregnancy Counselor


This story gives us a great glimpse into how God is working in the lives of birth mothers through Lifeline’s domestic ministry. As you pray for birth mothers, also remember the people in her life who are journeying with her, including pregnancy counselors who may be serving and caring for her during pregnancy and beyond.


*Name has been changed for privacy.

Written by: Lifeline’s Domestic Team