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Host a child from Ukraine in the summer of 2022

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Summer 2022 Program

Lifeline is thrilled to connect families with a partner hosting organization to host a child from Ukraine in the summer of 2022. The hosting program will begin in mid-June will last 6-7 weeks. This unique opportunity allows vulnerable children to spend time with a loving Christian family, while also experiencing American culture and learning some of the English language. Many host families build enduring relationships with the children they host from Ukraine.

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Completing this form indicates your interest in the Ukraine Hosting Program. A Lifeline team member will follow up with you to refer you to a Ukraine hosting organization. You will work directly with the hosting organization to apply, be matched, and facilitate the hosting experience. Applications are due to the hosting organization on March 15, 2022.

The Process

Families will receive information about children in the hosting program. Your family will be matched by the hosting organization with an individual child or a sibling group. Children in the program may or may not be adoptable. Hosting in Ukraine is open to children from all social backgrounds. Inform the hosting organization during your application process if you are interested in adoption after hosting.


Lifeline is available to families for support, preparation, and education throughout the hosting term. Lifeline is available for consultation regarding the adoption process if your family chooses to pursue adoption after the completion of the hosting term. Lifeline has over 20 years of experience in providing adoption services in Ukraine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The hosting program will be 6-7 weeks during the summer of 2022. Exact dates coming soon, but will likely be mid-June to late July.

Both boys and girls will be in the group and they will likely be older. The children are evaluated by the hosting organization, who will provide more details about their age, social background, and any medical or behavior needs the child may have. You will also receive photos, and potentially videos, of the child prior to their arrival.

After completing the application, you complete a series of interviews with the hosting organization prior to approval. While the child/children are in your care, you are asked to spend time with the child and give them a cultural experience. After the hosting term is completed, you may have an opportunity to host again or request information about the child’s adoption status. If you choose to pursue adoption, please contact Lifeline for further information.

The cost of hosting a child may vary. Costs will cover the child’s travel paperwork and preparation, their travel costs, and various administrative fees. These fees are set by the hosting organization. Your main responsibilities will be all food and entertainment for the child while they are in your home. Contact Lifeline about potential scholarships to apply to your hosting fees.

If medical care is needed, please contact the hosting organization immediately. You are welcome to work with the hosting organization to assist in any way you would like. Families may be responsible for the cost of COVID-19 tests for the child prior to their return to Ukraine. 

Hosting a child is not a commitment to adopt the child. Many of the children eligible for hosting may not be available for inter-country adoption at the time of hosting.

Click here to review the Ukraine adoption process, fee sheet, and guidelines. You may apply to adopt from Ukraine through Lifeline. There is no guarantee you will be able to pursue the adoption of the child you host.

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