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In honor of Mother’s Day, read an excerpt from a poignant and powerful poem, written by a Lifeline birth mother to the couple who adopted her child:


We all asked God

He gave us all the same answer

A conclusion, a finale, to the journey we’ve been after

Now it’s time to rejoice and prepare

For the handsome little tiger whose heart we’ll share

So bond, get close, make him your own

Let him put his mark on this new place called home

Protect him, teach him, make him know you care, cherish him, hold him close

I know like me, you’ll always be there

Through kindergarten, puberty, cell phones, and girls

He’ll definitely get the best of both worlds

With me in his veins and you in his heart

Never let anything tear us apart

-Brenda, Lifeline Birth Mother

Whether through birth, adopting, fostering, or through influence, the role of a mother is marked by love and sacrifice.

Thirty-six years ago, Lifeline began by working with women who were in the midst of unplanned pregnancies. Today, we continue to passionately serve women like the one who wrote this poem—women who are in the midst of unplanned pregnancies. We serve these mothers through counseling, meeting emotional and spiritual needs, as well as assisting them with tangible support and resources.

You can join with Lifeline this Mother’s Day by giving what may be one of the greatest gifts you can give to a mother: a gift that offers hope and life to mothers and their children. Your monthly gift would provide ongoing care and support for women making life-giving choices of adoption or parenting.

You can give your gift in honor of a specific woman or birth mother in your life. The woman you honor will receive a beautiful print of Ephesians 3:20-21 and a note acknowledging your gift. Your gift will extend far beyond this Mother’s Day, but will impact lives for eternity.