(A special thanks to the Video Production Team at Church of the Highlands for producing this video.) Lifeline is entering into a new partnership with Church of the Highlands, along with The Church at Brook Hills, to respond to the needs in our local foster care system.  With the ongoing, growing need for foster homes, both churches have committed to work closely with Lifeline, The Department of Human Resources (DHR) and other child-placing agencies to help with the recruitment of foster families from within their congregations and to provide the necessary facilities for the Group Preparation and Selection (foster care) classes. Please see below for a list ways that you can serve in foster care!

4 Options to Serve in Foster Care:

  • Serving as a foster family/respite family
  • Serving as a foster family for a teen
  • Becoming a prayer partner for a foster family
  • Volunteering in other ways (i.e., providing transportation/meals to a foster family, baby-sitting on a(n) irregular/regular basis for a foster family, etc.)

Questions? Please email highlands@lifelinechild.org For more information about Church of the Highlands, visit their website: churchofthehighlands.com