Why Heritage Trips?

A heritage trip is a trip to your child’s birth country for the purpose of celebrating culture, sharing in your child’s adoption journey, and allowing your child to explore their birth heritage.  It is an amazing way to learn as a family, grow as a family, and celebrate as a family.  Lifeline recognizes the importance of these trips and desires to serve our families by providing a program to arrange and coordinate a heritage trip suited for you.  We will plan out an itinerary, provide preparation resources, and have guides to serve your family during the trip.  Our desire is that your family experiences lasting memories and the trip widens your appreciation and love for your child’s birth country.

Although, a heritage trip is full of excitement and wonderful memories, we also know that it can come with many emotions for parents, siblings, and the adopted child.  You may be nervous about what emotions may arise in your child, fearful it will be too much for them, or not quite sure how to prepare.  We have partnered with our counseling and education department to provide resources for you.  You will be equipped with a Parent Booklet that will help you prepare yourselves and your child.  We will also provide your child(ren) with a Heritage Trip Journal.  This journal is designed in a way to help your child effectively document their trip and process through what they think and feel.

We pray that these trips are edifying to your family and strengthen the bonds of attachment that have already formed.

What is included?

A trip would include the following items:

  • Hotel Arrangements
  • Guide Services
  • Transportation (including airport pick up/drop off, day-to-day outings, and in country flights)
  • Sight-seeing tours
  • Orphanage Visiting (this could include finding spot and schools)




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