Lifeline will be offering Heritage trips in the following countries: Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Peru. Should enough interest be generated for Group Heritage trips to Colombia and Costa Rica, we will work with families to coordinate group trip dates.


Immediately after coming home, Scott and Kristy began planning to take their girls to Costa Rica to honor their daughters’ heritage and enjoy their country of birth in a way that was not possible in 2015. They made the trip in July 2018, when their daughters were 15, 13, and 6 years old!  Here is what they had to say about their experience:

“This trip was great for us as a family. It’s the first true “vacation” we have taken as a family since we came home in 2015. We have visited family in Ohio and Alabama, and we made a trip to visit friends, but this trip this summer was just us five going on a trip to have fun. And it was good. I can’t really express how good it was to see their home country without the stress of doctor appointments and embassy and immigration and court dates. Our schedule was our own. That was therapeutic to some extent for us. It was SO different from our first trip!”

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