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Population: approximately 190.8 million

Key Statistics: Brazil is a leading industrial and trading nation. Economic growth is occurring, yet there is a large gap between the rich 30% and poor 70% of its population.

Points of Prayer for Brazil:

  • Pray for the Catholic Church in Brazil. This country has the world’s largest Catholic population. However, it is full of nominalism and only 13% of Catholics here are active in their commitment. Many are also turning to spiritism and other forms of religious practice that are unbiblical. Pray that in all of these situations people would see the truth and turn away from false teaching.
  • Pray against the movement of spiritism in Brazil. It is deceptive in its emotional appeal and promise of supernatural forces of reward in this life. Pray that truth would be preached to the people of Brazil, and that the Holy Spirit would open their hearts to receive it.

Prayer for Lifeline in Brazil:

  • Pray for the large amount of young people under the age of 18. There are around 10 million children who make a living on the streets. Many of them are also vulnerable to being involved in drug trade, prostitution, or other criminal activity. There are approximately 7 million child laborers, half a million in prostitution, and hundreds of thousands of homeless children to be taken advantage of.
  • Pray for the ministries and organizations like Lifeline who would seek to help and protect these children: that they would be able to intervene in their lives before these children are exploited.
  • Pray for Lifeline’s approval to facilitate adoption from Brazil.


Population: approximately 8 million

Key Statistics: The average income is $1,170/person

Points of Prayer for Bulgaria:

  • To be able to overcome the economic crisis soon;
  • To experience spiritual enlightening and revival;
  • For its young people to stay in the country instead of immigrate to richer countries.

Prayer for Lifeline in Bulgaria:

  • To be able to find many adoptive families for the special needs children we are referred with
  • To overcome the crisis with issuance of international passports for adopted children (this system is a mess right now as they are implementing biometrics and some other changes and sometimes adoptive families can’t leave on time because of passports not being ready in time);
  • For the international adoptions to pick up even more speed than now.


Population: Approximately 1.3 billion

Key Statistics: China is home to more than 20.5 million orphans, China has a very high level of children trafficked for labor and exploitation.

Points of Prayer for China:

  • Pray for the health and stability of families in China as the effects of the country’s One Child policy grow each year and are evident in: a higher divorce rate; 10 million abortions each year (nearly all girls); suicide (40% of the world’s suicides are in China); the abandonment of young girls and the elderly. Pray that wise policies will be implemented that will stabilize the population.
  • Pray for the collapse of the atheistic system and Communist Party, which is made up of the elite and approximately 60 million people. There are many secret believers among this group. Pray that the Holy Spirit may convict many more of their sin and need.
  • Pray for protection of the church in China as the unregistered or house church networks are the heart of the true church. Persecution is an ever-present reality as many churches resist the influence and control of the Three Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM), the interface between the government and the church. Pray for the revival, renewal and purity of the TSPM and the churches that are associated with it. Pray for the continued commitment of believers to preach Christ and Him crucified whatever the cost, without compromise and with boldness to continue to implement missionary strategy for reaching China.

Prayer for Lifeline in China:

  • Pray for the Lord to continue to bless our relationship with the Chinese Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA) as hundreds of families each year pursue adopting Chinese children through Lifeline.
  • Pray for our facilitator in China as she works closely with both the CCAA and Lifeline families to connect precious children with loving Christian families.
  • Pray for Lifeline’s China Special Needs Program, through which thousands of children with a variety of medical special needs are immediately available to be matched with families. Pray for the Lord to continue to lead men and women to pursue theses children and bring them into their homes.

Costa Rica

Population: approximately 4.8 million

Key Statistics: About 40% of young adults are not enrolled in a secondary-education school, 20% live in deep poverty, average income $2,640

% Christian: 94.7% profess Christianity, 74% of which are Catholic

Points of Prayer for Costa Rica:

  • Pray for revival in the evangelical church in Costa Rica. It has experienced slow growth since 1988 due to denominational rivalry, petty legalism, the influence of materialism, post modernism, and New Age mindsets, and the moral failures of evangelical leaders.
  • Pray for the continued and increasing efforts for outreach and missions; the Costa Rican Evangelical Alliance’s program “Costa Rica Century XXI” for promoting the development of churches at every level; and for the new generation of godly, effective leaders for the churches that will commend the gospel.

Prayer for Lifeline in Costa Rica:

  • As this program is a new venture for Lifeline pray for God’s continued blessing and favor over our relationship with The National Adoption Counsel of Costa Rica (NACCR), Costa Rica’s governing body of adoption and oversees all adoptions from Costa Rica.
  • Pray for our facilitator/lawyer in Costa Rica. She was born in, and currently lives in Costa Rica, and has developed incredible in-country contacts and professionally oversees the in-country portion of the adoption process. She works directly with the National Adoption Counsel of Costa Rica (NACCR) as well as with the officials on the local level. She also acts as guide and translator to our clients while they are in Costa Rica for the adoption.
  • Pray for the thousands of children in Costa Rica that are either abandoned or orphaned, and living in orphanages or in poverty on the streets. Pray for those that care for their needs on a daily basis, and that they all will experience the love of God each day in their lives. Finally, pray that the Lord will provide families to passionately pursue these children in order to bring them into their homes through adoption.

Dominican Republic

Population: approximately 9.7 million

Key Statistics: The Dominican Republic has a high level of children trafficked for labor or sexual exploitation, more than 40% of young adults are not enrolled in a secondary-education school.

Points of Prayer for Dominican Republic:

  • Pray for the continued growth of the evangelical church in the Dominican Republic and the retention of those that are converted as members in local bodies of believers. Pray for the development of Christian ethics and involvement in a society where corruption, crime and promiscuity are rampant. Pray for the cultivation of a vision for missions in the local churches despite pervasive poverty. And pray for the continued provision and training of spiritual, mature and stable leaders for the future.
  • Pray for more fair and considerate treatment of the poor by both the Dominican government and richer nations in their trade policies. The poor in the Dominican Republic is made up of a large number of Haitian immigrants who are despised by Hispanics and suffer discrimination. Pray for church leaders and their congregations to be good witnesses in this tense and inequitable situation.

Prayer for Lifeline in Dominican Republic:

  • As Lifeline pursues accreditation for adoption in Dominican Republic pray for the Lord to continue to open doors with government officials and local contacts, so that we may begin to advocate and serve the children of Dominican Republic, and find loving Christian homes and families for them.


Population: approximately 9.6 million

Key Statistics: the poorest state in the Western Hemisphere, 50-70% unemployment, 75% in abject poverty, average income per person is $310. About 95% claim Christianity, however many of these are actively involved in Voodoo, which is now declared the national religion. Voodoo is a development of West African spirituality and witchcraft.

Points of prayer for Haiti:

  • Pray for Haiti to be freed from the bondages of the past. Their history contains a multitude of tragedies involving genocide and slavery. Tyranny and cruelty, along with the use of the Voodoo religion as a means of control by the upper class, have fostered a spirit of evil, which affects their entire society. Pray that Haitians would recognize the falsehood of their religious system, and find true liberty in the life changing power of the gospel.
  • Pray for Godly leaders to be established in Haiti. Two centuries of bad leadership have perpetuated Haiti’s tremendous problems rather than beginning to mend them. Many people have turned to the drug trade or dangerous travel across the sea for hope of finding a better life. Pray that leaders will be established who will begin the process of correcting these problems, reversing the negative trends that are currently an issue, and ultimately making the name of Christ glorified in the people of Haiti.

Prayer for Lifeline in Haiti:

  • Pray for the development of Biblical missions work in Haiti. There is significant work being done there by some organizations, and God is working in the hearts of Haitians. Pray for the missionaries who face persecution, and that they would have boldness in working with the church in Haiti. From this establishment of the church in Haiti, Lifeline may find further opportunities and areas to work with these people.
  • Pray for a strong foundation as Lifeline’s relationships with Haitian government officials continue to grow and develop.
  • Pray for wisdom and discernment for Lifeline’s families who will visit Haiti to adopt.


Population: approximately 8.2 million

Key Statistics: About 40% unemployment, average income per person is $660. 96.7% claim Christianity.

Points of Prayer for Honduras:

  • Pray for the establishment of genuine democratic rule. Leaders are hindered by crime, institutional violence, and also by a corrupt judicial system that protects the elite and works in blackmail. Pray that God-fearing, moral leaders may be raised up for the country of Honduras.
  • Pray for the new President of Honduras, that his heart would be gracious towards the street children and orphans of Honduras. Pray for wisdom as he makes decisions which will impact their basic needs, health, and education.

Prayer for Lifeline in Honduras:

  • Pray for the street children of Honduras. In 1998, there were reckoned to be 8,000 of them living in the capital, but these numbers have continued to grow. These children face being abused, exploited, and most suffer from severe malnutrition. Pray that Lifeline may establish further connections in Honduras that would lead to effective change in the lives of Honduran children like these.
  • Pray for Lifeline’s presence in Honduras to be embraced by the government, the church, and by local orphanages.

Hong Kong

Population: approximately 7 million

Key Statistics: Christians make up 10% of the population; Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated areas in the world

Points of Prayer for Hong Kong:

  • Pray for the Christian community in China. While they only make up 10% of the population, Christians run 505 schools and 25% of the hospitals. Pray that the church may be bold and uncompromising in exercising its role in society.

Prayer for Lifeline in Hong Kong:

  • Pray for Lifeline as we establish our ministry in Hong Kong. Pray for the Lord to open doors with government officials and local contacts so that we may begin to advocate and serve the children of Hong Kong, and find loving Christian homes and families for them.


Population: approximately 9.6 million

Key Statistics: Hungary is home to about 200,000 refugees from the former Yugoslavia

Points of Prayer for Hungary:

  • Pray for the Church in Hungary as it tries to be a relevant witness to Hungarian society, displaying both compassion for the lost and confidence in the Savior. Pray that the Hungarian Church will continue to grow and mature in its ability to evangelize.
  • Pray for the young people of Hungary, that their hearts will be opened to the gospel.

Pray for Lifeline in Hungary:

  • Pray for the Lord to continue to open doors with government officials and local contacts that we may continue to advocate for and serve the children of Hungary.


Population: approximately 4.4 million

Key Statistics: Unemployment is at 95%; 235 children out of 1,000 die before age 5; about 13% of children under 18 are orphans

Points of prayer for Liberia:

  • Pray for the people of Liberia who have lived through years of civil wars that have left terrible physical, psychological, and spiritual wounds amongst the Liberian people.
  • Pray for the continual rescue of the children of war who were forced to become child soldiers. All 1.4 million children in Liberia have been traumatized, lost their education and many orphaned. Homelessness, hunger, violence, and drug abuse are widespread. Pray for churches and agencies seeking to repair the damage, restore family life and bring them to the gospel.

Prayer for Lifeline in Liberia:

  • Pray for Lifeline as we establish our ministry in Liberia. Pray for the Lord to open doors with government officials and local contacts so that we may begin to advocate and serve the children of Liberia, and find loving Christian homes and families for them.


Population: approximately 3 million

Key Statistics: About 8% of children under 18 are orphans; about 60% of the urban population lives in slums.

Points of Prayer for Mongolia:

  • Pray government leaders would rule with wisdom and fairness as they are faced with a daunting economic situation in Mongolia. Mongolia has high unemployment, poverty, and at least 200,000 malnourished children.
  • Pray for the increasing number of Christ-followers: Mongolian church leaders being trained at Union Bible Training Center, the Mongolian Mission Center, where discipleship and mission training are the focus, and Christians in the work force may continue to lay

Prayer for Lifeline in Mongolia:

  • Pray Lifeline would build relationships with church leaders and those in Mongolia who have a genuine concern for the hundreds of thousands of malnourished children and those without a home and a family.
  • Pray Lifeline would be able to come alongside the small number of Christ-followers in Mongolia to offer hope, support, and partnership as the gospel is spread and children are given hope one by one.


Population: approximately 199.7 million

Key Statistics: an Islamic Republic, Pakistan has around 96% Muslim population, and 2.3% Christian

40% of government income is spent on military and weapons development; corrupt government and the extreme Islamist movement may hurt the country economically and otherwise.

Points of Prayer for Pakistan:

  • Pray for a government that allows truer democracy, and spends its resources on economic development rather than to fund their war efforts. Pray for the corruption and violence that has crippled the nation of Pakistan.
  • Pray for the economic and spiritual battles involving Islamism in the Pakistani society. Islamist extremism is often promoted in the schools, setting a foundation for the Taliban movement that has created so much conflict in the surrounding countries. Pray for truth to be heard and accepted in the leaders and the children of Pakistan.

Prayer for Lifeline in Pakistan:

  • Pray for mission work in Pakistan to be effective and active despite the great potential for persecution and threats from Islamist groups. Only 25% of the children in Pakistan go to school, and around 6 to 20 million are subject to exploitation through child-labor. Pray for the unreached, and for the great needs of Pakistani children that Lifeline would be able to reach.


Population: approximately 30 million

Key Statistics: Over 40% of the population lives in extreme poverty; war has left hundreds of widows, thousand of orphans, and hundreds of thousands of traumatized people; the average income is $2,600/person.

Points of Prayer for Peru:

  • Pray for street children in Peru who are often abused, exploited and forced to work long hours for a meager amount. Pray for missionaries, orphanage directors, and adults in the community to band together, caring for the complex needs of these children in the streets. Pray for their hearts to be tender towards those who love them and want to help.
  • Pray for the people of Peru as well as other nations around the world to give generously of their time and their resources to a nation crying out for help and hope as they face an increase in the number of people living in the slums and carrying HIV.

Prayer for Lifeline in Peru:

  • Pray for the children on the “Waiting Angels List,” that Lifeline would be a vessel for uniting families to these beautiful Peruvian Children through adoption.
  • Pray for our staff whose lives are personally invested in ministry in Peru: loving, supporting, and helping to raise up boys from the streets of Peru.
  • Pray for Lifeline’s relationship with the Peruvian government to continue growing as we long to care for the children of Peru.


The Philippines

Population: approximately 90.5 million

Key Statistics: between 32-50% of the population live below the poverty line, largely Catholic population, 93% claim Christianity

Points of prayer for the Philippines:

  • Pray for the Filipino government to find leaders who will deal with the social and economic problems so that the nation’s otherwise well-endowed population might not be made to live in poverty. Pray that Biblical influence will be found in the officials, and in the people of the Philippines.
  • Pray for missions work in the Philippines, and out of the Philippines. There are over 100 seminaries that have been planted in the Philippines, and many agencies are working in the Philippines to continue to spread the gospel. Pray that these groups would find the resources they need, and that God would continue to provide opportunities in their area.

Prayer for Lifeline in the Philippines:

  • Pray for the two thirds of the Filipino population under the age of 15. Over 60,000 children are exploited into trafficking, and many others are in need of homes and guardians. Pray for freedom and the opportunity for a better life for these children, and that Lifeline may continue to develop relations that will facilitate abundant ministry here in the future opening doors for adoption and orphan care.


Population: 7.3 million

Key statistics: Only 1.1% of the Serbian population is Protestant

Points of Prayer for Serbia:

  • Pray for a spiritual revival to occur among the Serbians.
  • Pray for missionaries in Serbia as they proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Prayer for Lifeline in Serbia:

  • Pray for Lifeline as we establish our ministry in Serbia. Pray for the Lord to open doors with government officials and local contacts so that we may begin to advocate and serve the children of Serbia, and find loving Christian homes and families for them.


Population: approximately 24 million

Key Statistics: Christians represent only 6% of the population

Points of Prayer for Taiwan:

  • Pray for the growth of the Church in Taiwan. Pray that every obstacle to the reception of the gospel will be broken down.
  • Pray that the Lord will raise up pastors for many of the rural, mountain churches in Taiwan.

Prayer for Lifeline in Taiwan:

  • Pray for Lifeline as we establish our ministry in Taiwan. Pray for the Lord to open doors with government officials and local contacts so that we may begin to advocate and serve the children of Taiwan, and find loving Christian homes and families for them.


Population: approximately 66.5 million

Key Statistics: Thailand has a very high level of children trafficked for labor or sexual exploitation; The sex industry contributes 14% to the GDP of the country; over 5 million Thai children involved in child labor; Thai Christians only represent 1.6% of the population.

Points of prayer for Thailand:

  • Pray that the Thai people will be released from their bondage to a complex web of culture, spirit appeasement, occult practices and Buddhism. Pray for a spiritual breakthrough so that in Christ the Thai people will experience true freedom.
  • Pray that the country of Thailand will be cleansed by turning to the Lord. Corrupt military, government and police leaders have protected the large sex trade, drug networks, crime syndicates and ecological degradation of the country. Pray that the Lord will raise just leaders who will lay legal and social frameworks that limit corruption.
  • Pray for an end to the sex industry that has a stronghold in Thailand and especially in the capital, Bangkok where over 2 million derive their income from the sex industry. Pray for the 40,000 evangelical believers as they work and lead other to Christ in this city.
  • Pray for the children in Thailand, many who are enslaved in child labor or the sex industry. It is estimated that 20% of all Thai girls between 11 and 17 become involved in the sex industry in Thailand. Pray for these girls’ safety and freedom from bondage.

Prayer for Lifeline in Thailand:

  • Pray for Lifeline as we establish our ministry in Thailand. Pray for the Lord to open doors with government officials and local contacts so that we may begin to advocate and serve the children of Thailand, and find loving Christian homes and families for them.


Population: approximately 29 million

Key Statistics: About 13% of children under 18 are orphans. The terrorist organization called the Lord’s Resistance Army has abducted over 10,000 children as child soldiers or sex-slaves.

Points of Prayer for Uganda:

  • Pray that Uganda’s AIDS problem will continue to reduce and eventually disappear. Uganda is the first country in the world with a massive AIDS problem to halve and even reduce the numbers of afflicted from around 25% in 1992, to around 5% in 2004. Pray that the government and local churches will continue their effort in reducing the rate of AIDS in their country.
  • Pray for peace in the countries of Sudan, Rwanda, and Congo in which Uganda has also been embroiled. Pray for the destruction of the LRA and their hold on the children of Uganda.
  • Pray for the foreign and Ugandan refugees who are being housed in camps in Uganda. This is an immense burden to the country. Pray for all of those who minister to these people in crisis.

Prayer for Lifeline in Uganda:

  • Pray for families traveling across the ocean with plans to stay a month, or more in a foreign country.
  • Pray for the children entering new families, and for quick attachment and cohesion as a family.
  • Pray for the Ugandan judges as they decide the future of the orphans in their country.
  • Pray for a smooth and quick process of receiving visas from the US Embassy.


Population: approximately 48 million

Key Statistics: There are approximately 20,000 villages and towns without an evangelical church in Ukraine; Ukraine has a very high level of children trafficked for labor or sexual exploitation.

Points of prayer for Ukraine:

  • Pray for the people of Ukraine who are struggling in the aftermath of independence from communism and the Chernobyl disaster. The fall of communism has left many impoverished and the country struggles with violent crime, a breakdown in family structures, and sexual immorality. In addition, radiation pollution from the Chernobyl disaster still affects many in the country. The weakening of the immune system, combined with the spreading of the AIDS virus could do major damage to the already shrinking Ukrainian population. Pray that people will look to Jesus in the midst of the darkness that the country is facing.
  • Pray for the Church in Ukraine as they are emerging from the collapse of Communism during which time there was severe Christian persecution. Pray that full religious freedom for all groups will be protected by the constitution, practiced by the government, and fully utilized by believers.

Prayer for Lifeline in Ukraine:

  • Pray that the Lord will continue to provide families for the orphans that we serve in Ukraine.
  • Pray for our facilitator in Ukraine as he works closely with families and the government in Ukraine.


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