Lifeline Children’s Services, Inc. received its license to operate as a non-profit child-placing agency from the State Department of Human Resources in September 1981. Since that time, Lifeline Children’s Services, Inc. has placed hundreds of children for adoption. Lifeline Children’s Services is a non-denominational, Christian ministry.

Lifeline Children’s Services receives client referrals from a number of sources, working very closely with crisis pregnancy centers, counselors, pastors, churches, physicians, attorneys,  and social workers across Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Washington State and other states as well. The purpose of Lifeline has been to assist young women experiencing a crisis pregnancy, who are considering placing their child for adoption. Lifeline provides free professional counseling, medical care, shelter and legal services to these clients. In addition to this goal, Lifeline also assists Christian adoptive parents to achieve their desire to adopt.

Lifeline does not keep a chronological list of applicants. Prospective adoptive parents usually wait varying lengths of time between the initial application and the completion of the adoptive home study investigation.

Lifeline receives no governmental funding. Instead, our agency receives its funding by both private contributions and adoption-related fees. The adoption fee each perspective adoptive parents would pay is based on the expenses of providing care to the birth parents and child, as well as the costs associated with completing the home study of the adoptive couple. Applicants may qualify for a governmental tax credit for fees associated with their adoption. Please click here to see Lifeline’s domestic adoption fees. International adoption fee sheets are posted under their respective country. Lifeline’s goal is to place children with the best family available. Therefore we will make a concerted effort to work with a family on fees. If you have any questions regarding fees, please discuss these with your social worker who will consult the Executive Director.

Those individuals who wish to adopt through Lifeline Children’s Services must meet all of the agency’s established criteria before submitting an application. Visit domestic qualifications here for details. Qualifications for international adoptions vary with each country. Following the submission of the application forms, a preliminary screening interview will be held between a staff member and the prospective adoptive applicants to determine eligibility. If eligibility is established, then the application process proceeds quickly.

We appreciate your interest in our program and hope that it will be the beginning of a rewarding relationship. You are welcome to call our office with any questions related to our application and adoption process. If you decide to apply for adoption please visit Forms and print the adoption application. Return the completed application to our office and send us an e-mail to let us know you printed an application.

We are here to support you each step along the way as you consider adoption.