As we consider orphans around the world it begs the question, “What can we do?” Through out the Bible we are commanded to care for the orphan and defend the fatherless, but what does that look like?

The relationship between Boaz and Ruth in the book of Ruth is a beautiful picture of what anyone can do to get involved and make caring for orphans a part of their daily lives.

1) Pray for orphans and women

  • (Ruth 2:5-8, 15)
  • Boaz takes notice of Ruth. He treated her with respect and acknowledged her need
  • The fatherless are down-trodden, embarrassed, and possibly bitter.
  • We must take notice, just as God took notice of us. The best way to advocate is to pray.

2) Visit orphans and women in their distress, Treat them with respect

  • (Ruth 2:12, 14)
  • Boaz affirms and blesses Ruth
  • Orphans live in a world with the pain of rejection and the fear of loss. Speaking affection and kindness will remind them of their value to God just like pouring rain on a dry land.
  • God has spoken sweet words of redemption to us and wooed us while we were far away.
  • It is such a statement to invite someone to your table to eat or to visit them. It is an ultimate sign of love, honor, and blessing. God has invited us to His table. He came to earth to seek and save what was lost and to invite us in.
  • Lifeline is visiting those children that are (un)adopted (mission trips).

3) Defend and advocate for orphans

  • (Ruth 2:8-9)
  • Boaz protects Ruth, protecting people is akin to advocating for them.
  • We must protect those who are vulnerable. We need to help orphans find shelter and protection. While we were yet sinner Christ died for us to give us ultimate protection from sin and death.
  • Give an orphan or a woman an opportunity to rise above their circumstances, DEFEND THEM, invest time and energy in an orphanage as a church or as a family or the life of a woman in need.

4) Invest in Lifeline’s Ministry

  • (Ruth 2:9b)
  • Boaz provides for Ruth.
  • No one should be without adequate food, shelter, and clothing. We must make our “fields” available and provide for the orphan the way God so richly provides for us.
  • (Deuteronomy 24:19-21 – provide for orphans; Matthew 6:25-34 – God’s provision to us).
  • Give Generously to Lifeline whose mission is to help with physical needs of orphans, women, and the families who are adopting.

5) Adopt an Orphan

  • (Ruth 4:9-15)
  • Boaz does the ultimate redemptive act for Ruth, he made her family
  • Redemption is salvation, deliverance, and rescue.
  • Boaz is a picture of Jesus, our kinsman-redeemer and a reminder of how we are to care for the orphans of our world.
  • Give a child a home, a mommy and a daddy through adoption.