Heartbreak, Hurt, and Amazing Grace

My husband Aaron and I have been a host family in the Safe Families for Children program for two years, and we have had the privilege of hosting somewhere between 15-20 children in our home. We have hosted kids anywhere from one day to a little newborn that we brought home from the hospital and hosted for six weeks.

That sweet, little newborn was by far our most difficult and most rewarding hosting we’ve had since beginning our journey with Safe Families. We got a call on a Saturday that there had been a little guy born on Thursday that might need a place stay for a few weeks while his mom decided if she wanted to parent. We brought Jason* home from the hospital on a Monday afternoon. While on the way home from the hospital I received a call from our Lifeline social worker with whom we were working to start an adoption from India. She informed me that she had done some checking with other agencies who were further into their India adoption programs and was told that if we were to have another child (which we were trying to do at the time), then our application could get denied.

We were pretty heartbroken because we really thought God was calling us to adopt from India, but we also still had a strong desire to have more biological children. So, there we were with Jason* who was staying with us because his mother didn’t know if she wanted to parent him. All of a sudden I looked at him and thought, “maybe this little boy is God’s plan for our lives.” Over the next five weeks, things started to fall into place and we thought FOR SURE this is what God’s plan was for our family. Our daughter just loved him, and he fit very well into our extended family as well. Well, to our dismay and heart wrenching confusion mom decided, at the very last minute, that she wanted to be his mommy and parent Jason and his older brother. We were devastated.

However, since this heartbreak, God has shown us (as He always has) how amazing He is. The Lord has used us to befriend Jason’s* mom, and to this day I am still in contact with her; we hang out at the mall with our kids together; we’ve had her over for dinner; I babysit the boys; and I am sharing in the joys and hurts of her life. Just yesterday she texted me and let me know that she got a job and became an aunt all in the same day! It has been so cool to see God’s grace extended to her THROUGH us! I can’t wait to see what else God does with this relationship!

What all did God show us through this experience? . . . I have learned to trust God in ALL things even when it doesn’t seem clear as to what He’s doing. I am deeply grateful for these last nine months and also to Safe Families for allowing them to be used by God to reach hurting families and to also minister to families like ours who are hurting in different ways.

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Written by: Aaron and Meg Jones, SFFC Host Family

*Name changed for purposes of privacy