God’s Matching Handiwork

Written by Vickye Schultz, Texas State Director
Submitted by Anna Pawley, International Social Worker
Edited by Neisha Roberts, Written Content Coordinator

It’s amazing how God’s hand watches over children that are matched with adoptive families. This story is one that no one has told nor read about until now. I had the privilege of watching God’s plan play out right before my eyes. I witnessed God’s hand truly protecting a young girl who had no idea she would be a part of God’s perfect placement into her new family. ~ Vickye Schultz

Lifeline Children’s Services received a file on a precious little girl whose medical need was exactly what one family felt equipped to match with and had specifically requested. They’d been waiting for months.

Anna Pawley, one of Lifeline’s international social workers, eagerly called the waiting mom to share this child’s file with her. The family placed the little girl’s file on hold as they prayed over her and considered her for their family.

That same day, the family found out that the dad may lose his job. Not only were they concerned about their livelihood, but they were distraught at thinking how they may not be able to receive any referral if he were to be unemployed.

A few days later I received a call from the mom. She explained that the doctors they had spoken with said the medical issue were already treated and the child appeared to be a healthy little girl with no active diagnosis. Although this was wonderful news, the mom also tearfully shared that they would let the child’s file go because of the uncertainty with her husband’s job. It was a very sad moment and Anna and the mom cried together, wondering what God’s plan would be.

I truly hurt for this family. But as we all talked together, another family’s name came to mind. I knew in my heart that this child in fact belonged to another family who had been waiting.

This single parent was not initially open to a child with the medical need initially diagnosed, but she was hoping for a young girl. After knowing the doctor’s review of the child’s file, I felt the Holy Spirit telling me that this child belonged to this other mom.

I later called her to share the little girl’s file. This mom accepted the file within 24 hours. She knew the little girl was hers. The mom and her friends and family were praying that she would know who her daughter was before she turned 40 years old. The Lord answered that prayer by sending this mom her pre-approval for this little girl on her 40th birthday.

The dad, in the first family, did not end up losing his job, and they were matched with a precious little boy.

Both of these children are now home with their forever families and thriving.

God’s hand is protecting each and every child in the process and in the placing.