About the Lifeline Foster Care Program

Lifeline has joined forces with other local agencies, churches, and the Department of Human Resources and child welfare departments to recruit, train and license foster families for children in the foster care system. The need for licensed foster families has become apparent as the number of children needing placements continues to increase. With so few families available to take in children who have been at risk in their birth families’ homes, children are being placed into overcrowded foster homes. This hinders them from receiving adequate care and does not promote the best interest of each child.

Many families have responded to the need for foster families in the State of Alabama, specifically our local counties. Lifeline has continued to see this movement spread and is now working to license and support families from churches throughout Alabama and now into South Carolina. In this new facet of our ministry, we have witnessed God’s provision of Christian families to meet the physical, educational, emotional, and spiritual needs of  children in foster care.


Lifeline Foster Care Model

Our commitment to those involved in this partnership is to train prospective foster families, conduct their home studies and licensure, and monitor them once they have children in their homes. Opportunities to work alongside birth families are inherent in foster care, so this ministry reaches beyond the walls of the foster home. For many children who have never been exposed to the Gospel, our foster parents are the hands and feet of Christ on a daily basis.

Even if you feel you are not equipped to foster a child, please know that there are countless opportunities for you to aid children and foster families through this ministry. Whether by taking a meal, giving foster parents the night off, or donating a car seat, your acts of service will be greatly valued by those receiving them. We have found that support and encouragement are absolutely vital ingredients for the success of this program.

If you are interested in becoming a licensed foster family, or for more information on future trainings, please email Laura Tatom at laura.tatom@lifelinechild.org or call 205-967-0811.