In 1981, Lifeline Children’s Services began with a simple mission to defend vulnerable children and families in the name of Christ. Over the years, our work has grown to reach 14 U.S. states and 23 countries to provide vital care for tens of thousands of the most marginalized people in our world. While the scope has grown and changed, the mission has not. We are committed to defending vulnerable children and families and mobilizing God’s family into this crucial work. Three primary ways that we serve vulnerable children and families are through Pregnancy Counseling, Adoption, and Family Restoration:

Pregnancy Counseling

The Well is an initiative by Lifeline Children’s Services, to meet the physical needs of women in unexpected pregnancies. This fund will allow our pregnancy counselors to help these women cover rent, utilities, medical costs, food, transportation, and many other needs throughout their pregnancy, hospital stay, and after. When we care for and meet their physical needs, abundant opportunities arise for us to share about the One who can meet their ultimate need and take on their sin and shame.


The Hope Adoption fund exists to support children in need of a family. By providing scholarships for adopting families and assistance to children needing advocacy, this fund helps remove one of the largest barriers for families navigating the adoption process⁠—finances. The Hope Adoption fund is designed to help Lifeline international and domestic families adopting children with significant medical or special needs.

Family Restoration

Families Count is a family restoration and preservation ministry designed to give local churches a platform to minister to the parents of children who have been placed into the local foster care system or at risk of entering it. Families Count equips the church to engage some of the most vulnerable families in their community with the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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