Finding Hope through an Unplanned Pregnancy

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When Gina connected with Lifeline she found more than options; she found hope.

Gina found herself in an unplanned pregnancy. Past decisions left Gina with a false understanding that she had nothing to offer this child. Compounding that thought was the belief that no one would want her baby. Her lack of hope turned her toward abortion.

However, Gina’s courageous heart and motherly love drove her to seek other options. She decided that adoption would be the most loving act for her child. Gina was soon referred to Lifeline, and she bravely began to meet with Christy Harmon, a pregnancy counselor.

Over the course of time, Christy was able to explain the truth to Gina: that she was valuable and loved. Christy and Gina met regularly, developing an open and deep friendship. When Gina decided to make an adoption plan, Christy was with her through every step. Gina set the parameters for the family she wanted for her child and how open she wanted the adoption. The profiles of families who said “yes” to adopting Gina’s baby were numerous, and Gina saw truth again: that her baby was valuable and loved. Gina was utterly excited to see the pictures and profiles of so many precious families who wanted to love her baby forever.

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Gina was excited but recognizing the weight of the decision before her, Christy gave Gina a Bible to read for comfort and encouragement as she began the process to choose a family for her child. Gina began to read the truths of God’s Word, and it began to transform her into someone who believed she had value because she began to know the One who made her and loved her. Past choices and decisions did not define who Gina was as a person; her Creator did, and reading His word showed her who He is and who she is in Him. Gina’s glowing face revealed, on the outside, her new life in Christ on the inside.

Gina came to a decision about the couple she wanted to be the family for her child, and the relationship between them was one of incredible love. Although making an adoption plan was the right choice for Gina, it was not easy. She was excited for this amazing couple to meet their baby, but leaving the hospital with empty arms is heartbreaking. As Christy drove Gina home in the pouring rain, she reminded this precious mother of the peace that God promises us when we seek Him, even in the midst of difficulties (Philippians 4:6-7).

Gina stated that the first good thing she had done in a very long time was giving her daughter a family, and she has peace about her decision. In fact, if she is ever having a difficult day, she looks at the picture of her newborn daughter in the arms of her daddy and thinks, “That was when I knew I was making the right decision. Whenever it gets hard or lonely, I remember I gave my baby a daddy.”

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Gina is a part of a local church now and has been hungry for God’s word and His truth. Giving her baby life showed Gina that there was hope. Her daughter has life and a family, and Gina has found new life and new relationships.

If you or someone you know is facing an unplanned pregnancy, we want to walk with you. Find more information or contact us here.

Lifeline has a strong heart for birth mothers, whether they make an adoption plan or a plan to parent. Our services are free to these mothers because we believe they are valuable and their children are valuable. These women are image bearers of God, and investing in them is worth all of the time and resources needed. However, continuing to provide the consistency and relationships needed requires resources. Our counselors would love the ability to meet some of the practical needs before them such as groceries, gas, rent, and more. If you would like to learn how you can partner with us to show birth mothers the hope of Life, contact us at 205-967-0811.