Stable, healthy families are the foundation of healthy children. Therefore, keeping families together when possible and beneficial to children is a desire of our hearts. But, how can we possibly help the children and families in our own communities who are experiencing brokenness? Quite simply, it takes a village.

Lifeline’s Family Restoration Ministry partners with local churches to reach vulnerable families who need support and knowledge to unite their families again. In 2017, over 158 parents graduated from Families Count parenting classes through the local church. We also recruited and trained over 40 new foster families, and provided over 130 individuals with continuing education to maintain their fostering license. Along with our Harbor Families ministry, Families Count, and Foster Care ministry, Lifeline is at the forefront of caring holistically for vulnerable children and families by seeking restoration so that families can transform through the redemption of Christ and grow together in love.

When you partner with Lifeline’s Family Restoration Ministry, you are partnering with local bodies of believers to support the healthy growth of families, as God created and designed.