Families Count

FC_BMFlagWhat is Families Count?

Family Reunification can be a beautiful picture of the believer’s own reconciliation with God the Father through His Son, Jesus. But for many parents working toward restoring their families following foster care, this transition can be difficult at best.

Families Count provides birth parents with Biblical, Christ-centered parenting education that they need to successfully attach to and discipline their children.

Need for Volunteers:

Families Count is seeking mentors for birth parents working toward reunification with their children out of foster care. As a mentor in Families Count, you will be making a six-week commitment to a birth parent completing the weekly class. Our mentors do not attend the parenting classes, but provide discipleship, intercessory prayer and emotional support to birth parents as they learn new concepts and seek to implement them in their families. Our mentors practically show the love of Christ to these struggling parents.

We are also looking for willing volunteers to transport parents to/from class. This continues to be a huge need, and without transportation, some parents will not be able to participate. Transporting a Mom or Dad to the weekly class is a wonderful opportunity to show the love of Christ in a tangible way! To be approved transporters, there is no training, just clearances that have to be completed, although it is best when transporters can serve as the mentor to their assigned birth parent.

FC_MentorFlagUpcoming Trainings for Volunteers:

Mentor Training is for anyone who is interested in volunteering for Families Count. This could mean mentoring a birth parent who is going through the class or providing transportation for a birth parent. Going through training does not mean you are committed to serve. Don’t miss this opportunity to take the love of Christ to a struggling birth parent as he/she learns to become the parent God intended them to be! There is no cost for the training.

If you would like to attend an upcoming training or have questions about serving with Families Count, please respond directly to traci.newell@lifelinechild.org or 205-967-0811.