Dear Expatriate Families,

We know the Lord has a plan and calling for your family and we hope you will allow us to be a part of it. Adopting while living overseas is possible. Our goal in serving your family will be to build a relationship with you, encourage you, and help you navigate the paperwork process of adoption. Lifeline has experience working with expats all over the world. Our team works to tailor the process for your family and for the specific country in which you reside.

If your country of residence allows an American social worker to travel to your home and complete the home study process, Lifeline will send a social worker to you to complete this first step. We also provide a social worker to complete the post-adoption visits. For example, we employ a caseworker residing in China who is able to travel to conduct home studies and post-adoption visits through Asia. For families residing in other regions, we work with you to find the best plan for your family.

Below you will find information about the fee structure for expat families, the citizenship process for your child (the N600K form), additional documents for expats, and testimonials from other expat Lifeline families.

The N600K form is an application for U.S. citizenship (acquisition) and issuance of a Certificate of Citizenship for a child who regularly resides outside of the U.S. This is the only significant step in the adoption process that is required for expats but not for adoptive parents residing in the U.S.

Families living abroad typically do not meet the U.S. residency requirements, even if you are a U.S. citizen. Expats must file this form and then travel to the U.S. in order to complete the citizenship process for your child. The only exception to this form is for families residing in another country on official U.S. government orders (military, e.g.). For more information on the N600K form, visit

Please contact us if you have more specific questions.

We look forward to assisting you on this journey!

Jana Lombardo
Eurasia Program Director


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The Lowe Family

Working with Lifeline we never felt like we were trying to figure things out on our own. They were always there to answer questions and support us. Lifeline was there to assist at each step.
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The Godin Family

Our son came home during Thanksgiving week of 2014. He is a blessing and a joy to our family. We are eternally grateful for Lifeline's expertise in expat adoptions and for their help in bringing our son home.
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The Doblin Family

My wife and I whole-heartedly recommend Lifeline Children’s Services to any individual or family who is looking to begin the adoption process. Many thanks, again, to Lifeline for helping to bring our son Elisha to his forever family.
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The Dobelstein Family

Lifeline’s post adoption team walked with us through every moment. There were several days when a conversation with our post adoption caseworker was what helped us stay encouraged and press on in helping our daughter rather than breaking under emotional stress.
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