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Lifeline is here to support caregivers as they are on the front lines of taking gospel hope to vulnerable children.

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Trauma-Informed Care Is Essential

Caring for children coming from vulnerable situations can require a special set of skills.

With more than 140 million children living in institutions or group homes, the role of the caregiver is paramount. Whether a house parent, foster parent, cook, teacher, or even gardener, these adults have the ability to bring hope and light into an orphan’s life.

But as we know, trauma causes so many difficulties for a child. “Who do I trust? Where can I find my next meal? Will this smiling ‘friend’ actually hurt me? Will you leave me again?”

That’s why it’s so important for a caregiver to be trained in biblically-based, trauma-informed care.


We believe every caregiver, no matter what capacity they are serving in, deserves to be empowered and equipped to best serve the children in their care.

Caring for children coming from vulnerable situations can require a special set of skills to best meet their needs. That’s why we partner with caregivers all around the world, serving them as they show the love of Christ to the vulnerable.

Ways We Care for Caregivers

A Variety of Courses

From trauma, to discipline, to working together as a team, our courses are built for a variety of caregivers.

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Personalized Coaching

We meet regularly with caregivers over the phone or video call to equip, empower, and pray over.

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In-Person Support

We travel to personally train and support caregivers in places like Guatemala, Colombia, India, or Uganda.

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