Day One! | March Kids Camp 2017

It was such a blessing to help with Kids Camp yesterday. All 11 children were adjusting to their time in America in different ways which called for a rainy transitional day for the kiddos.




We began our morning with breakfast and playing inside with the children who fought through jet lag and slept through the night. The others remained tucked in their beds fast asleep most of the morning as they didn’t get much sleep the night before. With the rainy weather keeping us inside, we played in the cafeteria. They enjoyed coloring, blowing bubbles, playing with play dough and interacting with all the volunteers-in their PJs of course!

Chicken noodle soup seemed fitting on such a dreary day. The kids all seemed to love it! Around this time we prepared everyone to rest and nap. This was somewhat of a challenge as most kids did not know what was happening. Through the tears and worry on their faces I held sweet Charlotte in my arms and rocked her to sleep. This was such a sweet moment to see the three little girls fast asleep in their beds getting the sleep they so desperately needed.


While interacting with the children I was consistently blown away at how great the Father’s love is for us. I was instantly reminded of the Lord’s sovereignty and strength as he broke through language barriers and allowed us to communicate through love to these 11 precious children. What a powerful God we serve! Although some seem anxious and unsure of the state of life around them, I am praying they enjoy their time with us and all the fun events that are ahead. The Gospel is so evident in spending time with these 11 children! I have challenged myself to actively pray for each of them specifically through their time with us and their future of finding a forever family.

During my time of reflection last night after leaving camp I came across this quote. It stirred my heart to rejoice of our the great love our Savior shows us every moment of everyday. “GOD’S LOVE is total, says Paul. It reaches every corner of our experience. It is ‘wide’–it covers the breadth of our own experience, and it reaches out to the whole world. God’s love is ‘long’—it continues the length of our lives. It is ‘high’–it rises to the heights of our celebration and elation. His love is ‘deep’–it reaches to the depths of discouragement, despair, and even death. When you feel shut out or isolated, remember that you can never be lost to God’s love.”

Written by: Allie Cowling, Lifeline intern


Lifeline Kids Camp is a valuable time for us to show the love of Christ to these children and their caretakers. For more information about Kids Camp or how you can show your support, visit