The fostering and/or adoption process can be challenging for siblings already in the home as well as for the child new to the home.  All relationships are going through transitions. Here are some things to remember:

  • Expect there to be jealousy between sibling relationships with the amount of attention the new child is receiving and remember to reassure your other children that it is okay to feel this way.
  • Create an open environment where all of the children can discuss their feelings with mom and dad.
  • Explain to siblings that discipline and other aspects of parenting may look different for the new child and explain why.
  • Enlist the help of your support system to give siblings already in the home special attention and outings to ensure they are not getting lost in the adjustment.
  • Give all your children purposeful, one-on-one time: daddy/daughter or mother/son date, keeping older children up later at night to have time alone with them, tucking them in at night separately.
  • Remember to enlist the help of the children already in their home with the new child (without allowing children to perform caretaking tasks that mom and dad should be doing): Asking sister to bring mom diapers, reading adopted child a book, helping with games or puzzles.