Uganda currently has a one year residency requirement and Lifeline is currently only accepting applications for families that live in Uganda or willing to move for an extended period of time.

About Uganda

Our team is focusing on Reform projects that are taking place in Uganda. We are focusing on establishing a system through in-country partnerships in which reunification, domestic adoption, and foster care with loving families within Uganda is possible before a child is internationally adopted. Our ministry is highly committed to Uganda and the children within the country and will continue to be so. Please check back with us on any further updates.

Uganda is a smaller sized country within Africa having a larger population of 37.58 million. Sadly, it is not immune to the orphan crisis. Uganda is not a member of the Hague Convention, which makes the process of adopting from Uganda unique and, at times, uncertain.

“The majority of adoption processes begin by gaining legal guardianship of a child in Uganda, returning to the U.S. with the child, and finalizing the adoption in your state of residence.

The Need

Out of the 6,441 incoming adoptions to the United States in 2014, 200 of those were adoptions from Uganda.

How We Help

Lifeline is committed to the children of Uganda and being faithful to God’s calling to advocate for the orphaned. We will walk alongside the family at each step. We spend a great deal of time monitoring what is happening within the Ugandan legal guardianship/adoption process. We also receive updated information from our Ugandan representatives on a regular basis. These things can save countless hours of unnecessary frustration.

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What's Happening in Uganda

Program Overview

  • Age Requirements for Parents: Uganda requires applicants to be at least 23 years of age. There also must be a 21 year age difference between parent and child. 
  • Number of Children in Home: There is no set limit to the number of children that can be in your home at the time of an adoption. Please check with the Uganda team on the latest requirements. 
  • Length of Marriage Required: 1 year; single parents may adopt, but they may not adopt a child of the opposite sex (unless an exception is made) 
  • In Country Travel: 8 to 10 weeks 
  • Number of Trips Needed: 1 
  • Age of Children Available: The age of children span from 18 months to 14 years old, but many of the children are older than 3 years old. 
  • Sibling Groups Available: Yes, although this is not typical 
  • Special Needs Children Available: Yes 
  • Average Time of Completion: 3 to 4 years 
  • Post Placement Reports: 3 formal post placement reports due during the first year: 6 weeks, 6 months, and 1 year.  Depending on the court ruling, there might be informal post placement reports due once or twice a year until the child turns 18 years old.  

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Family Testimonial

The Gospel in Uganda

Our time working within Uganda has not always been centered on adoptions but has always been centered on children and families and bringing the hope of the gospel to the people there. We have felt the Lord’s calling to Uganda, and we are committed to the work that is happening there for the sake of families and children

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