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Togo, located in West Africa, is a country saturated with poverty, making it very hard to access any education. Consequently, many children are often forced into sexual exploitation and hard labor. Living under these circumstances makes it difficult for children to form the job and life skills needed to remove themselves from those hard places.

How We Help

In Togo, (un)adopted® is working with local partners on a Vocational Training Program (VTP) aimed at helping transform the lives of orphans through life skills training and most importantly, the good news of the gospel. The four main areas of focus for VTP are sustainable farming, breeding animals, trade and spiritual formation. VTP is held three times a year in partnership with local orphanages and community leaders. We are thankful for our local partners in Togo who share with (un)adopted’s vision for long term sustainability. Through VTP trainings, local leaders are equipped and able to train older orphans to breed animals, grow crops and market and trade their goods. With the money earned, students are able to put resources back into their own gardens as well as back into the VTP to keep it sustainable.

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Stories of Redemption

Meet Godwin and Winner

Meet Godwin and Winner. Godwin and Winner are brothers who live in Togo. They grew up in the same orphanage and have spent most of their lives learning how to provide for themselves while taking care of one another. Godwin and Winner recently attended a Vocational Training Program provided by (un)adopted and a local partner in Togo. Each boy decided to learn a different skill so that when the training was over, they would be able to provide for their orphanage in greater ways. Godwin learned to build a chicken coop and Winner learned to farm. Each boy excelled in their training and gained valuable skills. Godwin and Winner are now providing for their orphanage in numerous ways and using their skills to bless others. Even more importantly than learning valuable trades, Godwin and Winner grew in their understanding of the Gospel and were impacted by the life-changing grace and love of Christ.

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