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Lifeline has had an adoption program in Romania since 2013 and works very closely with the National Authority for the Protection of the Child’s Rights, which is the central authority of adoption in the country of Romania. Lifeline has a positive relationship with the National Authority. The most important qualification to adopt from Romania is that one parent must be a Romanian citizen, proven by passport and/or identity card.

The Need

More than 70,000 children are in state care and it is reported that there are tens of thousands more on the streets who are not being counted. The fate of Romania’s abandoned children is an unresolved issue.

How We Help

Lifeline is working hard to advocate for the adoption program in Romania. We are investing in all avenues to recruit Romanian citizens living in the United States to pursue adoption from their home country so these children can have a forever family.

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Program Overview

  • Youngest Children Available: 5 years
  • Average time of Completion: 18-24 months
  • Time in country: 40-50 days (3 trips)
  • Age Requirement: 18 years older than child
  • Length of Marriage: 1 year

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