Country: Poland Adoption

Age Range: 3 - 18 years old
Medical Special Needs: minor to significant
Marriage Length: 1 year
Single Women: No
Expat Accepted: No
In-Country Travel: 6-8 weeks

We are currently seeing older children 8+ years old coming home from Poland. It is also likely to see children eligible for adoption as a part of a sibling group. Children coming home from Poland will have minor to significant medical special needs.

Potential matches are presented to families based on the parameters indicated in the family’s dossier. Referrals are offered from Catholic Adoption Center under the Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Policy.

The process of adopting from Poland is estimated to take approximately 18-24+ months.

Families will travel to Poland on one required trip for approximately 6-8 weeks. Families will complete a bonding period for 2-3 weeks followed by an appeal period for 2-3 weeks. Time periods will be determined by the judge assigned to the case.

About Poland

Lifeline has had an adoption program in Poland since 2012 and maintains a positive relationship with the Catholic Adoption Center, working with orphanages all over the country. Poland allows families the opportunity to pursue the adoption of children with minor to significant medical and developmental special needs. Overall, the Polish authorities are in favor of U.S. citizens with close Polish ties adopting Polish children. The central authority highly values adopted children maintaining connection to their birth culture.

The Need

Since working in Poland, Lifeline has advocated mainly for children in sibling groups with a wide range of ages.

How You Can Help

To be eligible to adopt from Poland, prospective adoptive parents must have strong Polish ties and are accepted on a case-by-case basis. Lifeline advocates and recruits families open to sibling groups and varying ages. We have seen many sibling groups come home since 2012. We work hard to prepare families for sibling groups so that these children will have a forever family.

Other Ways to Get Involved
Other Ways to Get Involved



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