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Lifeline has had an adoption program in Kyrgyzstan since May 2014 and has had a very strong and positive start in this adoption program. Kyrgyzstan allows families the opportunity to pursue adoption of children with significant medical and developmental special needs as well as children with more minor special needs. Lifeline’s Kyrgyzstan team has developed strong relationships with the Ministry of Social Development.

The Need

The main cause for children becoming orphans in Kyrgyzstan and being placed in an orphanage is poverty and general economic situation.

How We Help

Lifeline works diligently to prepare families for children with minor to significant medical and developmental special needs so that when they are offered a match, they will be ready for any challenges that might lie ahead.

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What's Happening in Kyrgyzstan

Program Overview

  • Youngest Children Available: 5-6 years (children younger than 5 with significant special needs)
  • Average time of Completion: 12-24 months
  • Time in country: 35-40 days (divided into 3 trips)
  • Age Requirement: Ages 21-60
  • Length of Marriage: 1 year

Waiting Children

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More Information

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Family Testimonial

The Lopas Family

As believers, adoption should not be motivated by what we think we want for our family, but rather by what the Lord wants for our family. Sometimes, those end up going hand-in-hand, and that is great!! BUT other times, our will and our desire is not in line with what the Lord would have for us. And I will be the first to tell you that it is HARD. And I will also be the first to tell you that that is GOOD.

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