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Hungary allows families the opportunity to pursue adoption of children with minor medical and developmental special needs. Our on the ground team has more than 20 years of experience with adoption in Hungary. Hungary has a strong foster care system, so the majority of children are adopted out of foster homes.

The Need

Although they are a minority group, a significant number of children adopted from Hungary are of Roma descent.

How We Help

Lifeline has facilitated adoptions from Hungary since 2010. We advocate for all children within the country, from all ethnicities and with a variety of special needs.

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What's Happening in Hungary

Program Overview

Youngest Children Available: 2 years old
Average Time of Completion: 12-18 months
Time in Country: 6 weeks
Age Requirement: 25 to 60 years old
Length of Marriage: 1 year

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Family Testimonial

The Schuck Family

When we were brought to the room where our daughter was, I thought I would explode with all sorts of emotions. She reached her little hand out to me and called me “mama”.

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