About the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has one of the largest economies in the Caribbean and Central American region, and it is known for its great biological diversity and great tourist attractions. Tourists come from all over to the world to partake in activities such as: scuba diving, snorkeling, golf, surfing, and deep sea fishing. Nevertheless, despite all the country has to offer, the DR still has various social issues that have resulted in many children needing forever families.

The Need

1 in 10 victims of commercial sexual exploitation in the DR is a child. –International Justice Mission
9 children were adopted to U.S. in 2014 and 13 children were adopted in 2013. –adoption.state.gov

How We Help

Many children who have been orphaned reside in the streets of the DR or in various orphanages. This leaves them vulnerable to running away, human trafficking, or aging out as they grow older. Lifeline’s heart is to reduce these potential situations by ensuring children who are legally eligible can be adopted into forever families.
In order to serve many orphans who may never have the chance to be adopted, Lifeline has partnered with Niños de la Luz, through Lifeline’s (un)adopted program. Niños de la Luz is a home for boys in a coastal town in the northern region of the DR.

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Family Testimonial

The McKinney Family

Our passion has been for the fatherless for a while now. Our first two kids were also adopted internationally. So, we were not new to the ups and downs of adoption—pre or post. And, although it was long and hard to be away from home that long for all of us, we felt peace in knowing this was what God wanted us to do. This experience helped to give us confidence in the program in the Dominican Republic.

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