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With more than 5,00 children under government protection, we started exploring how (un)adopted could begin ministering in Costa Rica. So far, we have done a couple things as such as: Caregiver Education Training. However, there are more opportunities to serve both the children and their caregivers, so we are continuing to explore the avenues the Lord is calling us to within this country.

How We Help

Local Church: Costa Rica is unique in the sense that its foster care system is managed by a Christian organization, providing ta wonderful opportunity for (un)adopted to walk alongside them. We aim to assist their preexisting efforts by exhorting and equipping the local churches to make disciples of amongst these vulnerable children while also providing them a stable, loving home.

Costa Rica National Child Welfare System (PANI): (un)adopted serves the Costa Rican government by providing trainings for the directors of the orphanages and the staff that cares for the children

Local Partners: Hogar Methodist Church is a church in Costa Rica that has faithfully surrendered to the call to care for orphaned and vulnerable children. (un)adopted partners with them by providing them the necessary materials to conduct Caregiver Education training so that they can administer the curriculum to the people in their communities. (un)adopted also sends teams to this church to help with construction around the property and provides childcare for the children while caregivers receive training.

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