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About Congo

DR Congo is located in West Africa that is home to 67.5 million people.  French is the official national language and is a predominately Christian nation with 50% Roman Catholic and 20% Protestant. The DRC gained its independence from Belgium in the 1960’s, but over the course of these years has experienced great civil unrest and government instability.

The Need

The Democratic Republic of Congo has over 4 million orphaned children and a staggering mortality rate of 1 in 7 for children under the age of 5, largely due to malnutrition and lack of vaccinations. (UNICEF)

How We Help

Lifeline has been able to see all our Congo adoption cases closed and all the families home with their children.

What's Happening in Congo

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Family Testimonial

The Powell Family

Adoption is hard but, O Sweet Friends, adoption is beautiful because Christ is HOPE! When we first stepped foot onto this journey the Lord is writing, He didn’t promise us that there would be two curly headed Congolese baby girls sleeping across the hall from us every night.He did promise that He would never leave or forsake us and that is a promise that He has kept! “But God has surely listened and HEARD my voice in prayer. Praise be to God, who has not rejected my prayer or withheld his love from me” (Ps. 66:19-20).

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