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With more than 25,000 children under government protection, whether they are without families or in protection waiting for be reunited with their biological families, (un)adopted intends to help them on three different fronts.

How We Help

Local Church involvement: We believe the local church is God’s “Plan A” for children. This is why the majority of our time and efforts go towards this front as we continue exhorting, equipping and supporting the church to obey James 1:27.

  • Pastoral Conferences: Once a year, we hold a conference that focuses on guiding local pastors through a study on the biblical mandate to care for orphaned and vulnerable children.
  • Volunteers: The local church has been committed to serving in a local orphanage where they are helping the caregivers with the children and building relationships with them and their caregivers.

FANA (private orphanage): We currently provide training in foundation principals, trauma, attachment and equipping skills to help the children placed in this orphanage. We also are connecting the local church to support initiatives like family mentors.

Colombia National Child Welfare System (ICBF): We serve the national foster care system by training its foster families to help them understand where the children come from and the things they have been through (trauma, abuse, neglect and abandonment)

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