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Lifeline has had an adoption program in Bulgaria since 2010 and is partnered with multiple foundations in this country. Bulgaria allows families the opportunity to pursue adoption of children with significant medical and developmental special needs as well as children with more minor special needs. This country offers a well-defined, consistent adoption process. Children in Bulgaria are of Bulgarian, Turkish, and Roma descent.

The Need

The Roma population is less than 5% of Bulgaria’s total population, but the majority of children available for adoption come from this minority group. There is a long history of discrimination against this group in many countries.

How We Help

Lifeline works diligently to advocate for the children of Bulgaria, regardless of age, special need, or ethnicity through a waiting child list and through educating and preparing families to give these children a forever family.

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What's Happening in Bulgaria

Program Overview

  • Youngest Children Available: 2 years
  • Average time of Completion: 12-18 months for waiting child: 3-5 years to wait on a referral
  • Time in country: 1-7 day trip and 1-14 day trip
  • Age Requirement: Must be 15 years older than the child (No minimum age)
  • Length of Marriage: 1 year (Can be discussed on a case by case basis)

Waiting Children

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More Information

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Family Testimonial

The Grant Family

For every wonderful success we have had with Lucas and his development, a new chance for repentance of sin came for us as parents. We thank God that He has used our son to grow us closer to one another, but ultimately to the Lord. Adoption is not for the faint of heart, but it sure is worth it! We would do it all over again to see God work and for Him to be glorified.

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The Gunter Family

In that moment, C.J. was fatherless no more. We spent a wonderful week getting to play with him in the orphanage and learning more about his special needs. It was absolutely heartbreaking to say goodbye at the end of that week, but we trusted that God would finish what He started for C.J.

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