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Brazil is a large, beautiful country in South America. It is incredibly diverse, both geography and ethnically. It is divided into many regions and is overseen by a federal government, just like in the United States. Brazil created a federal central authority, ACAF, to oversee adoptions on the federal and state level. We will be seeing this new policy play out more in the adoption process.

The Need

There are approximately over 205 million people currently living in Brazil, with approximately 58 million children. With diverse regions and people groups, the country is working to improve issues that affect their children such as poverty, infant mortality, becoming orphaned, and homelessness. (UNICEF)

How We Help

Lifeline is advocating for children by partnering with the local government and the local church to find forever families for children who have been abandoned and are eligible for adoption. It is our heart that the life of one child at a time can be impacted by belonging to a forever family.

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