Serving Peru Through Lifeline International Adoption (un)adopted What’s Happening in Peru


Serving Haiti Through Lifeline International Adoption What’s Happening in Haiti


Serving Guatemala Through Lifeline Since Guatemala’s recent civil war, many children were left orphaned, without homes and without loved ones. Consequently, many Guatemalan children are some of the highest malnourished children in Latin America. Access to education is also minimal, and as…


Serving Colombia Through Lifeline Colombia is a beautiful country with a beautiful, diverse culture. Globally, Colombia has an older reputation but it has come a very long way in its development. It is a safe country to travel to and spend time…

Dominican Republic

Serving Dominican Republic Through Lifeline The Dominican Republic is a beautiful place where thousands of tourists visit each year. But beyond the walls of luxurious resorts, thousands of children live on the streets facing a future that seems hopeless. International Adoption (un)adopted…


Serving Brazil Through Lifeline Brazil is a large, beautiful country in South America. It is incredibly diverse, both geography and ethnically. It is divided into many regions and is overseen by a federal government, just like in the United States. Brazil created…

Costa Rica

Serving Costa Rica Through Lifeline God’s creativity is on display within the borders of Costa Rica, with plenty of beautiful mountains, tropical beaches, and its alluring jungle climate. Lifeline’s adoption and (un)adopted partnerships here have offered us an incredible glimpse of the…

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