Serving Kyrgyzstan Through Lifeline International Adoption What’s Happening in Kyrgyzstan


Serving Pakistan Through Lifeline Pakistan, one of the world’s most populous countries, faces many issues including poverty, corruption, and most notably, terrorism. While the country has made progress in improving its poverty rates, in many areas some of the children are still…


Serving Taiwan Through Lifeline The Taiwanese culture is kind, warm, and welcoming to adoptive families. We have a great relationship with Cathwel Service, and enjoy partnering with them to advocate for children who are waiting. They come alongside families as they are…


Serving China Through Lifeline International Adoption Frequently Asked Questions What’s Happening in China

Hong Kong

Serving Hong Kong Through Lifeline Hong Kong is a Special Administrative State of the Republic of China. Hong Kong was a British colony for many years before returning to Chinese rule in 1997. Approximately 7 million people inhabit the densely populated region….


Serving India Through Lifeline Lifeline was licensed to facilitate adoptions through India in 2014 and our first families began the process in 2015. Our relationship with the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA), is positive and has continued to strengthen since establishing our…

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