What Is Crossings®?

Crossings® is a ministry that exists to equip adoptive families, foster families, and caregivers with the encouragement, knowledge and resources they need to best “parent” God’s children who are in their care. Equipping through Crossings® happens in a variety of ways, and seeks to empower children who have been adopted, children who are in foster care, and their families over their lifetime. Crossings® serves caregivers in multiple countries and churches around the world as they care for orphans and vulnerable children.

Our Mission

The term Crossings® is used because it is symbolic of the process children and families go through in the spiritual journey of adoption or foster care.  Similar to the Israelites who had to go through the desert before they arrived in the promised land, children who wait in foster care or orphanages and parents who wait years for their child to come home also go through a season of living “in the wilderness”. God’s promise to the Israelites was fulfilled in His timing, and His timing also has to be trusted as children and families heal and come to a place of trust and secure attachment.